The company was promoted by Late Balai Krishna Roy. Mr. Prasun Kumar Roy, the managing director of the company, holds a master’s degree in Bio-Chemistry and specialization in nutrition from Calcutta University and possessing more than 43 years of rich and varied experience in the fields of agriculture, poultry breeding, hatchery, animal feeds, marketing, horticultural products, administration, management and finance. His wide knowledge, innovative ideas and strong man management capabilities are well known in the domestic and international parlance. The company is a board-managed one where day-to- day activities are looked after by Mr. Roy assisted by a team of professionally qualified and seasoned employees as per details appended below :


Board of Directors

Mr. Prasun Kumar Roy : Managing Director

Mr. Nihar Ranjan Chakravarty : Director

Mr. Kanchan Bose : Director

The Key Personnel

Mr. Debi Prasad Banerjee : General Manager – Personal & Administration

Mr. Sekhar Sengupta : Deputy General Manager – Finance

Mr. Sk. Sajahan Ali : Production Manager

Mr. Gopal Roy : Deputy General Manager – Marketing

Mr. Srimonta Barik : Deputy General Manager – Marketing & Logistic

Mr. Chayan Roy : Senior Branch Manager – Sales