5 broiler breeding Farms, having total capacity of 3,52,000 breeders in ultra modern facilities producing 3.5 million hatching eggs a month.

6 hatcheries producing 3 million broiler chicks a month.

4 feed plants producing 600 tonnes of feed every day.

State of the art chicken processing plant of capacity 4000 broiler per hour.

  Awards & Recognitions

Sl. No.
Name of Award
Award Form
HACP and SQF Certification
SGS, Switzerland
EIC approval
Govt of India
License from MFPI
Govt of India
APEDA Registration
Govt of India
Govt of India


Poultry Products

  • Hatchable Eggs
  • Day-Old –Broiler Chicks
  • Live Birds
  • Poultry Feed (Pellet/Crumble/Mash)
  • Processed Meat (Dressed bird, Bonneless, Leg Boneless, Leg with Thigh, Breast Bonneless, Liver, Kima, Laly pop, Drumsticks, Wings, etc.)
  • Ready –to –eat meat products

Packaged Products

Reaching Out

  Poultry Farming Process

Arambagh Hatcheries Limited is truly an integrated farm starting from parent chicks to day-old-commercial chicks. It produces healthy chicks out of healthy hatching eggs produced in our breeding farm. The healthy chicks are then placed in our contract rearing farms for rearing into live birds. Live Birds so produced are taken to our State-of -the-art chicken meat processing plant for slaughtering, which are ultimately sold through our wide network of retail outlets.


  What’s makes us a fully integrated company?